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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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golden gate bridge itself. traffic heavy, 11720 cars crossed over southbound lanes of the golden gate bridge this morning about 20% more cars. >> taking you out live to the san mateo bridge same can be head sed this morn's eastbound commute was up by almost and add bridge closure and holiday weekend this is what it looks like tonight we're getting a good picture in that shot. >> looks lovely. >> it does. >> combination of the holiday weekend and bridge closure seems to be taking a toll. >> and let's go to the golden gate bridge.
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it's a gorgeous day but traffic is miserable as you make that drive out of san francisco into sausalito. bumper to bumper traffic now, an hour 35 minutes to head up from san francisco to 580 so packed conditions up there. taking a look at this, it's going to be that drive through mill valley. make it continuing along 101 so very slow going. we have a shot this morning afternoon friday get away driver that's is swlau to look forward to. another live shot for us over towards san mateo bridge we do see a 30 minute commute heading into hayward your eastbound commute will be headlights and could take a look at the waze app if you're traveling along highway 1 we have heavy traffic reported in half moon bay. buz at the desk. >> want to take you now to the thick of the traffic.
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driving in the area it and looks mighty slow there. my goodness that is northbound. that was just -- . >> cheryl it's horrible. it's horrible out here, your get away drive is stop and go as soon as you walk out of the office in san francisco. it's been bad here it's taking me an hour to get from wald yes tunnel. swlai to look forward to is a mess a one exit connector that connects highway 580 to go over richmond bridge. you know, we're doing morning drive this morning talking about how rela live of tiffly
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light it was this morning. i'm wondering what happened during the day here? it's a mess now. >> all right. thank you very much for that update. and we feel for you out there. now, caltrans says work on the new span is going well during a media briefing about 20 minutes ago. the project still on schedule expected to open on time. here is what crews have planned for the weekend. >> paving should be done tonight at the tunnel. and over the next 4 hours is going to focus on lighting and maintenance, cleaning. at the 1,000 foot long westbound section in the way of the bike path. demolition on track should be wrapping up tomorrow evening. here at the toll plaza, all grinding completed paving at 50%. 20% on the eastbound decks they've started striping here all work on schedule and everything is looking really g. >> -- good. >> caltrans says there is no
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plan to open early. they're making great proftç jess -- progress. let's take a look now at a live picture from yerba buena island camera. it's hard to tell from this distance, right? trust me they're working. abc 7 news is there live near the bay bridge toll plaza. heather? >> i am here at the edge of a sea of fresh asphalt. that is what they're getting ready to do here. caltrans says everything is on schedule but they're concern forward people leaving for the weekend to still plan their return based on that 5:00 a.m. tuesday opening time. oh, the truck going too stop an french us. they're starting to lane stripe here. while the bridge is closed, readying the new span, there
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is a western span also that is getting a needed dose of maintenance. they took us up there today to take a look. a monument bridge is getting monumental maintenance. with only one lane of active traffic for treasure island residents and plin, workers can accomplish in four days what would take four months. >> that includes bridge paving and replacing lights. that includes drain clearing. that includes paving work we have to do. figure removeal. >> these workers suspended from a tower on a platform with engines clamping down on cables, carrying them up and down. they're repairing a line that supplies air. on a structure this massive it can be hard to see decay. it has to be inspected top to bottom every two years a
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project going faster than that is therefore less expensive. >> this is a great savings for taxpayers and us. it's safer. saving money and time. and risks to worker autos on the other side work mars ton get the new span ready for traffic. paving on the westbound deck is done. demolition of a thousand feet of old deck is also almost complete. >> they expect toyfó6 be wrappg that up later tomorrow. and by sunday morn expect it to be complete. >> everything is going well. we're on schedule looking forward to opening on time. >> so this large truck you're looking at is putting down permanent lane striping ahead of it.
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there is a look at that. they're low and wide open. operator can reach out and spray paint marks when it's still a human operation. but again, lot of work wrapping up on paving and striping here. mundane as it is, it's important to be done before they open now, still scheduled for 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. thank you. heather sharing beautiful pictures with her twitter followers she gets incredible access to the shut down bridge. she took this picture from western suspension spans. check out that tiny beach there. it's just amazing you cannot see this driving by at 15
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miles per hour. haej jer on twitter. >> bridge's closure meant more people took bart. 475,000 people rode trains, only two parades saw more people taking bart. >> visit abc 7 for a look at commuter resources on bart, ac transit and bay ferries. and check out live streaming video of our camera to see how construction is going. as soon as the bridge opens we'll notify our twitter followers on abc 7 news bay area. >> rhetoric intensifying over a possible us aus tack against syrian military targets. the president said a strike would be precise but not include ground troops. earlier secretary of state john kerry laid out the case
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for a u.s. attack citing u.s. intelligence reports he says prove the assad government used chemical weapons on the syrian people. united nations have left syria but have not confirmed the us of chemical weapons. five destroyers are ready to launch a missile attack. >> fire officials worried hot, dry weather could slow progress made against fire burning in the sierra near yosemite. firefighters have it about 32% contained today. but that fire already burned nearly 202,000 acres that makes it the biggest wildfire in northern california history. and air support has been critical to controlling that fire. now it's producing so much smoke and caution going to be in place through hundred mon. >> despite ash raining down on one of the bay area's largest water sources worker says there no impact to water
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deliverry. san francisco public utilities commission start directly testing the hetch hetchy reservoir and the water tested normal. as for power, crews cleaned transmission lines today. sf p.u.c. purchasing power from secondary sources. >> all right. still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 a homeless good samaritan. >> an unlikely hero comes to the rescue of a police officer. a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> summer heat taking a holiday this weechblgtd what may be visiting us that could affect your outdoor plans coming up. >> and this is the weekend but one of the biggest festivals musical guest and special highlights of the art and wib wine festival. abc 7 n
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let's take a look again on get away commute from marin. our engineers there are are
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driving throughout this traffic this, is 101 north. that exit right there. slow going as people try to make their way out of the area for the holiday we have learned that lieutenant governor announced gavin newsom will do bridge chain cutting and we'll be carrying that live. >> that is. >> san6g-ñ francisco police station thanked a homeless man who came to the help of a police officer who was attacked. the reporter is live now with a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> well police here had trouble finding him, all they wanted to do was show appreciation by help being him get back on his feet. today they got their man. after four days of looking
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police finally found him. the 35-year-old was a wanted man as a hero. >> it happened monday evening just after 7:00. the woman causing trouble near 4700 block of mission. >> one officer responded to the report of a woman jumping up and down on the cars. >> the sargeant says the officer was alone and tried to calm the woman who is bigger than she s investigators say when trying to arrest her, the woman became agitated and aggressive. police say the woman then attacked the officer. the person had the officer in a choke hold. kind of beating the head into the wall a little bit. >> a small crowd watched.
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>> law enforcement officers helped me with nobody else he says investigators learned more about rasso when talking to him found out his father was a former detective ske was down on his luck he has been homeless. he had a rough time of knit recent months. we wanted to reach out to him and lilt lets him know he has friends. >> cops here will try to find shelter and chipped in to buy him new head phones which are broken. raso says his father was a nork morning city cop. he says he helped capture the notorious killer david berkowitz otherwise known as son of sam.
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he said hism;+) father today wod have been proud of him. >> great story, thank you very much. >> police are7n"tuq:u.jn÷ a 25-year-old man from pinole about a relationship to two people found dead in his home. call called them this morning. the phone call indicated people inside might be injured. instead officers found bodies a man and woman in their 50s in different rooms. the man related to the victims has been taken into custody. these are the first homicides in pinole since 2011. >> san jose firefighters watching for hot spots in a house where a fire sent two people to the hospital including a 70-year-old woman in critical condition. the fire was first reported just after 8:30 this morning. a woman trapped inside. firefighters told that so they ripped bars off windows and then had to dodge]#=i tiles falling from the roof before they can rescue her, officials called an ars goneon investigator because of the flames.
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>> a woman posing as animal control officer and duping homeowners out of cash and jewelry using a fake snake infestation scam has struck again. belmont police say the woman helped burglarize two homes in belmont yesterday. the suspect pretends she's investigating a snake infestation, lures residents into backyards while accomplices sneak in and burglarize the home. a bill passed today that is in response to five women killed when that limo burst into flames, state senator jerry hill's bill required two fire extinguisher was limos yuer -- with fewer than 10 passengers collecting a $25 per limo fee to offset costs of the legislation. the bill now goes to the full assembly. >> it's biggest weekend of the week for -- year for the stiff sauce leto tens of thousands
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expected to attend art and wine festival running saturday through monday. mer than 265 artists from around the world will be displaying their works and will be wines from 75 different vitners. organizers say anyone thinking of going shouldn't be worried about the closure. >> golden gate transit put on ferry boats for the weekend so people can take bart. and come to the site or take a blue, gold ferry and come right to the site. >> yes that is cool. >> yes. the first tall ship to be built in the bay area in over 100 years there is music with lisa marie presley and english beat for more information go to abc 7 news and click on see it on tv. >> less considera marie press sfli. >> yes. >> wow.
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>> what is the weather going to be like? >> i feel the pressure. people want to know. >>. i know, people want to know. >> there is only one little possibility of looking at live doppler 7 you can see just a little bit of fog hugging the coastline. it was a warmer day today. 96 fairfield. up to 88 in san get hot. in half moon bay, waits a pleasant 68 degrees. so temperatures coming down tomorrow, you'll feel it more. very shallow fog lay jer
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we're going to see. san francisco, 70 now. 76 oakland into 80s now in redwood city. better. smoke from rim fire burning is now drifting eastward into now drifting eastward into nevada but they still@+ dense smoke advisory. so if you're heading there it's smoky still. 88 napa. cameras showing a beautiful view of the sunshine now. here is a look at the forecast. sun, high clouds to. cooler for your sunday. chance of showers in the north bay.fsqv if do you have outdoor plans be aware of the fact we may see drops around here. high pressure and area of low
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pressure will combine. subtropical moisture, thunderstorms remaining in southern california. things start to change. warm again tomorrow. we'll see high clouds sunday more clouds could be light showers sunday morning 8:00 a.m. we'll clear things out a little bit monday so looking pleasant for labor day plans. overnight tonight mild, mid-50s low 60s, tomorrow afternoon looking pleasant. 90 in morgan hill. 82 in the santa cruz. filtered sun on the peninsula. 82 palo alto. 68 half moon bay. nice, 72 there. 67 sunset district. north bay mid 80s in santa rosa and napa. 75 sausalito. east bay mid-70s oakland and hayward, inland spots warm.
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90 livermore, 91 san ramone. accu-weather forecast, we fall into 780s sunday and monday. warmest communities cloud cover will increase and a chance of showers sunday warming up mid to latter part of the week. back to summer routine. >> thank you. >> well, still to come a strike on one of the biggiest travel days of the summer who is walking up the job. >> the health benefits from breast reduction surgery. why it may not be out of reach anymore for women who
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another check on the commute toñ? marchinin . our abc engineer now is trying to get on to 580. and is on the road taking you to 580 but it's going to take a long time. >> oakland airport food and retail workers walked off the job today. 180 workers staged a strike at oakland international airport. officials say the proposal cull calls for kits can you tell us. hms hopes says they've made an offer reflecting current economic conditions.
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officials said there was minimal impact from the strike. >> coming up next, the casting call.
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in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 6:00 a live update on the bay bridge project plus profiling a family working on virtually every bridge that crossed the
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bay. what they think about the new eastern span, plus... >> a merge's demand for justice months after her son's murder remains unsolved. those stories and more for you coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> if you ever wanted to run away with the circus you may have missed a chance. >> ring wling brothers held clown auditions and hopefuls got a chance to clown around in front of the talent managers. >> ringling brothers wraps up the tour monday at the cow palace. >> fun thing to do. >> that is going to do it for us and happy labor day. you know, got to be thankful for everything, right? >> world news is next. live cell 7, oh, he made it to
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580 there. this is "world news." tonight, ready for action. the white house makes its case to the american people for military action against syria. vivid details about chemical weapons, u.n. inspectors about to pull out. how soon will the u.s. strike? friend in the sky. the secret force helping fight the wildfires and save an american treasure. and how did this happen? a brother donates his kidney to save his sister. the hospital accidentally throws his kidney away. good evening. as millions of americans head into a holiday weekend right now at the white house, the president is making an historic decision. he is deciding if america will


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